Esther Brinkmann


Making Jewellery

A piece of Jewellery should provoke ! Provoke questions, provoke emotions, provoke desires !

I create things which offer a specific relationship to the body, which question our behaviour and underline our needs in life: meaningful activities and relationships, relaxing and spiritual moments, emotion and beauty.
I seek to provide to the wearer an object which will widen her or his perceptions and stimulate their spirit. The jewellery they adopt and wear give others a sense of their personality, of their inner feelings and therefore act as a bridge between the very intimate, the personal space and the public.

Wearing Jewellery

We have all had the experience that we cannot wear everything at anytime. Wearing jewellery influences our gestures, our way of moving and it can change our silhouette and our behaviour. Complementing oneself with an object, with a piece of jewellery, causes a change in our attitude, induces a different kind of self-awareness and further calls for a more intimate relationship with the body.

Jewellery enables us to feel and experience parts of our body in a different way. It plays an active role in revitalizing our outer shell, in awakening or revealing an underlying or confirmed eroticism.